The Situation

Don't judge me

So my brother got everyone a gag DVD for Christmas, but perhaps what he was not prepared for was my sister and me both thinking our gifts were seriously awesome things we would have purchased for ourselves.


I dare someone to tell me what is not awesome about a dramatic owl movie. Sister = defended.

I realize The Situation (and the Jersey Shore as a whole sloppy unit) is a bit harder to defend. I know this. But I love me some Jersey Shore. I follow the entire cast on twitter (don’t judge me), watch every second of every season and follow their every shenanigan in real life.

I can’t say that I approve of Snooki being dropped in the ball in Times Square on New Year’s Eve or JWOWW writing anything but bathroom graffiti or notes to Sammi about her boyfriend smooshing with grenades, but I’m sick of people bitching about these kids making money for doing nothing. You wish you could make money for doing nothing, too. We all do.

So excuuuuse me for supporting Sitch in his latest money-making scheme: a fitness video.

I’m not about to give you a full rundown of this gem because it would take forever and I’ve only done one section, but I can tell you this much… He says “pretty much” no fewer than 46 times in the intro to Awesome Abs alone. Not to mention:

  • A section entitled Juiced Glutes sounds pretty much incredible.
  • And watching him awkwardly try to “coach” girls by humping hugging them is pretty much perfect.
  • And the fact that the other dude in the video is referred to as “The Unit” is pretty much the best thing ever.

So this video is pretty much worth buying.


2 thoughts on “The Situation

  1. the laughter alone will be a great ab workout !! 😀

    okay, I am TOTALLY NOT judging, because I would LOVE this video… I saw him do a segment on a talk show (Today Show? Regis?) and his workout actually looks like fun, some interesting moves!

    and the rest would be funny. especially to me, since I’ve never seen the show.

  2. Haha – awesome – I bought this as a gag gift for my boyfriend and we’re both raring to try it. Your prelude to ‘Juiced Glutes’ is all the more incentive to try it!

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