Fitbloggin Cocktail Party


Fitbloggin kicked off tonight as every fit and healthy evening should… with a slew of alcoholic beverages and passed hors doeuvres (I have to spellcheck hors doeuvres every.single.time.).

Mushroom tart = good

I didn’t mean to give Marriott that awesome product placement but since I did I suppose now would be a good time to point out that this hotel is awesome. We even have a Keurig in the room.


Back to the cocktail party… I had a POMtini upstairs and then a group of us too impatient to wait in the line for free drinks descended upon the hotel bar for instant gratification. I got Absolut Citron and soda.


Look who we found…

Casey, Stacey, Whit and my roomie Cara

Allow me to take a moment to say I could not possibly be more excited to be rooming with Cara (Cashews and Hummus). Delightful. Normal. Definitely check her out. Makes you want to eat cashews and hummus, right? Right.

With Cara and Ashley

Sana and Ashley

Fun fun. I was starving by 8pm and we finally rounded up a group to grab Mexican. I haven’t a clue the name of the restaurant.

Veggie fiesta bowl

The plan was to go bar hopping but as predicted I started to drag once I had food in me and voted for a return to the hotel. Cara and I made a Starbucks stop for some chocolate and now we’re here blogging away so we can get to bed and be ready to rock at New Balance’s 6:30am 5K. Ack, that’s early.

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